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Four Gray Buildings
Four Gray Buildings


Onboarding. Send us a request You can choose a channel to reach us that is the most convenient for you: A live chat is perfect if you need to seek more information about our services or a specific solution.

Feel free to email us at or any contact button on our website (each such button opens a request form where you can briefly describe your needs). This channel is the busiest. Use this channel if you need a more detailed response.  Our average response time may vary from 2 hours to 1 business day, depending on the queue.


If you need to speak with an advisor personally, get an introductory call scheduled. Under ‘Our Services” section on this site, please click on any of the buttons that most closely represents the nature of your inquiry. We respect your time and no doubt, you respect ours. Please provide as much relevant information as you can when scheduling the telephone call. We can serve you better on the telephone call if there is sufficient information. Before the first contact, our sales reps collect publicly available information about your company to direct the conversation straight to the point. We use the call to dive straight into your situation, and we want you to make the most of this first conversation.

Modern Office Building
Tall Buildings


Request a proposal. We create structured proposals tailored to your situation. We charge a minimal fee for the proposal, Our proposal will give you full understanding of the service scope or the solution we offer. We always include: A short summary of our offering, the scope of work / technical solution, cost breakdown and project timelines.


Sign an NDA You can trust us to keep your information confidential. Sould you require, we will be happy to legally protect your confidential business information with an NDA..

Commercial Buildings


Sign a service contract and let’s get started. The contract will spell out our mutual obligations and rights. For services post implemetation or commissioning (like help desk or managed IT services), we also sign a service agreement that defines the scope of services provided and the metrics to assess its efficiency. You can depend on us to assemble a project team from our in-house personnel and independent associates who are amongst the best professionals in the world.

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